Is it time to take action against my employer ?

Due to numerous meltdowns after a work relationship broke down back in October 2018, work interviews took place with the conclusion that some adjustments would be made such as cooling off periods and a commitment to provide training and insight into HFA and how it effects me personally and how I would like to be treated.

Small adjustments have been made, but the national company I work for have not carried out any training for the small group I work with.

I have been using a "Access to work" mentor through a national charitable organisation, they want to give a presentation to my work colleagues. Unfortunately my work have been digging in their heels and have not answered my work mentors calls. We are now six months or more since full disclosure.

I would like some advice and thoughts I how I should proceed, maybe informal grievance followed by formal and then perhaps ACAS. My understanding is that I should be protected by the Equality act.

Thanks for reading.