Travel to work

I work part time and get to work by car as I can't use public transport (social anxiety, OCD, sensory difficulties etc.). As I work in a city centre parking is a major expense - about 1/6 of my salary goes on parking costs. Unfortunately at 7 miles each way it is too far to walk to work from home and there is no safe route to cycle there. 

I put a claim in through Access to Work as I, stupidly, thought this might be the sort of thing they can help with - possibly paying the difference between return bus ticket and parking. After 3 weeks they phoned me to say they can't help with this as I don't have mobility problems. Is there any point in appealing / asking for re-consideration? 

  • It was accepted I have mobility issues due to being autistic at my A2W assessment but it wasn't something they were able to recommend. They instead stated in the report that my work should provide me with a parking pass instead. That specific workplace was unable to provide this (they were a bit crap at RAs) but my new employer, who is also city centre based, has given me a free disabled car parking pass.

    Have you applied for PIP? If you prove your parking issues e.g if its stated in the A2W report you may be able to get the mobility element to pay towards this. 

  • I often have someone to help me get around when I'm outside as I get nervous I have my mum now but in the past I used to have PAs and Mentors bring me round the local and London communities. I find public transport a nightmare but I am normally good at coping when I have my headphones. A friend of mine introduced me to Beats by Dre Headphones- I've just brought some their noise cancelling so maybe try and invest in some they are expensive and get them from Currys not Ebay or Amazon as they will be fake from there.