Feeling angry

Hi all,  I'm a 45 year old female that is currently going through  assessment for Aspergers.  This assessment process has been ongoing since September and should have a diagnosis by the end of the month.  The reason for this post is that I feel anger towards my family that I can't seem to shift.  When I first realised that I could have Aspergers they were initially supportive, to some degree.  But now I feel like that they don't care as they have never made any attempts to find out about it or even ask me how I'm feeling.  I did think that they would try to understand and even do a bit of reading about it but nothing.  If it was the other way round I would have made the effort to engage with the person and be interested, am I wrong to feel this way?  All I seem to get from my sister is sly digs which obviously confirms to me her lack of understanding and willingness to understand.  Just really wanted to found out other peoples experiences and am I reading too much in to this.  Why do I feel so angry and how can I stop feeling this way?  Thanks.