Is this caused by my autism

Hi everyone, please bare with me, I’ll try and word this the best I can. 

So over the last few days I’m trying to be really social and make new friends, I’m a twitch streamer and I also am involved in numerous channels, so I’m engaging a lot with possible hundreds of people. Now I know part of my Aspergers is thriving for friendship and not knowing how to atain it. 

Well, Tuesday and Wednesday was going really well, I was bonding with a small group and felt the best I have in ages. Yesterday not so good, I streamed for 8 hours and towards the tail end had no viewers or interactions and started to feel low again. 

I then started to notice a few issues whilst I was in other people chats last night, I started to doubt the few friendships that I had made and was thinking they don’t actually like me, I was trying to engage with everyone that was coming into chat but thought they weren’t interested, basically feeling ignored and that no one cared, my paranoia was going in overdrive. My confidence dropped massively and was over thinking everything  

My question is does this sound like an autistic problem/symptom, I’m recently diagnosed and still trying to make sense of everything. I original thought it could be burnout, but your brain tends to shutdown during those so don’t think it’s that. I do think the social exposure may be too much for me in big doses but don’t understand my reaction to it. 

Any help or advice would be very appreciated

thanks guys