Hello I would like some opinions on council housing please

I,,, hi everyone I'm hoping people can give me some opinions or advice even. I have been offered a 1 bedroom council house on a brand new housing estate. I have been waiting quite a long time .I currently already have a house which I like. this it's too far from my my family so I can't stay there alone even though it's been my house for ten years. At the moment I currently sofa surf or sleep on my mum's floor and even sleep in my car occasionally..I also have my car two dogs with me.

I am quite desperate to find a home that I can live in and feel safe in. I wish I didn't have to keep driving to check on my other house I just want somewhere I can stay and be comfortable somewhere that's not far from my mother's house the new house which they have offered me isn't far from my mother's house and I would have liked to accept it. however there is a children's playground with swings and slides and an adventure playground as well as lots of benches right outside the window. approx 20 m maximum from the window of the house. The housing lady who showed me the house today told me that this adventure playground will be open 24 hours for anyone to come and use. My problem with this is that I find the noise of children very disturbing and irritating. I can handle certain noises,, but the  screams of children and the gossiping of their mothers as well as obviously older teens who may come and use the play area of the evening. I would find that really irritating to the point where I wouldn't feel comfortable being in the house. I would also be worried about my dogs barking at the noise of me getting complaints. I cannot judge how noisy it will be because the play area isn't actually even open yet because the estate has only just been built. however I am worried that the noise would disturb me especially as there is a slide and kids are obviously going to make noise in there that's what it's for.

I'm a bit worried because I do need somewhere else to live. if I refuse this property it doesn't affect my place at the top of the housing register and I will be offered something else  when something suitable is available. if I accept property obviously I have to live there and put up with it. so I really don't know what to do. I was hoping that the house would not be right outside the play area because there are lots of other houses for one person and the council know that I have autism and ADHD. I have drawn the worst location for a woman who has always found noisy kids intolerable 

I have meltdowns and self harm and I would be constantly worried every time a kid went through the gate.. Which is right opposite the house window  

I  would like to ask other adults with autism if they could live in a house which is quite a nice house... when it has a large children's playground directly outside the windows. there is no back room for me to escape to because both Windows face right out over the slide and the swings. how would other people feel about living in this kind of property. I'll be very grateful if anyone can give me their opinion on what I should do. I also have anxiety and agoraphobia and I am physically disabled Colitis /arthritis.

Thank you everyone 

And sorry for the Essay! Speech text! 

  • Hi there

    This is how I would approach the situation. 

    First of all I would stop thinking that I was desperate to find a home. That muddy’s the waters, you can’t  think clearly and you’re apt to make less than wise decisions. 

    Instead, I would focus my energies on finding the right home for me and I would accept living in a car etc as just as it is (without a story or judgements etc) and I would know that I’m doing my best to find the most suitable property to get me out of that situation and I can’t do more than that. 

    You can’t control the noise outside your house and you can’t see into the future. But you can know if noise outside would disturb you to such a degree that it would impact on your health and wellbeing. And then you have to ask, is it worth risking my health and wellbeing on a chance that it might not be too noisy? 

    If it’s not worth the risk, that’s ok, it means you now have more data, more information to help you in your quest to find the right home for you. 

    I might be momentarily blinded by the glitz and glamour, meaning the outside shell appears desirable ~ new house etc etc, but if I can’t live in it peacefully and happily then it’s no good to me. I’d rather have a run down shack that did meet my inner needs. It’s a tempting offer, but if it was noisy (you can’t rule this out nor can you know it) would you be happy there? You have to go on the reality that it could be noisy and then what are you going to do? 

  • Hi there,

    I understand your situation well.  I'd also struggle with the prospect of noise.

    I was once facing eviction from a flat and had to find somewhere pretty quickly because I literally had nowhere else to go and I was on sickness benefit at the time.  I saw a lovely flat on our seafront.  The rent was cheap.  The landlord was prepared to accept me on benefits.  I thought I'd fallen on my feet.

    It was a nightmare from day one.  Noisy young guys downstairs, with late-night parties most weekends.  A noisy pub next door.  A noisy late-night take-away at ground floor level.  And a car park opposite which was the nightly meeting place for the local boy (and girl) racers.  I ended up sleeping on cushions in the hallway, which was the only place where I could be insulated from the nightly row (which would often go on until 3 in the morning).  The evidence was all there in front of me when I viewed the flat.  Partly, I chose not to see it; partly, I was so desperate not to be homeless that I overlooked it.

    Is there any chance that they would let you visit the place at a time when the playground is likely to be in use?  Or are there neighbours you could ask about the noise levels?

    I'm currently also on the housing list, and because of my condition I'm only being offered sheltered accommodation on quiet estates.  Have you had an assessment for sheltered housing?

    There's nothing worse than feeling desperate to find a home, I know - but don't let desperation lead you to jump at the first thing offered.  Try, if you can, to sound the place out first.

    Best regards,