Links between Rheumatic Fever and worsening of ASD

I have decided (contrary to my bio) to seek a formal diagnosis.  I have been looking back at my childhood and looking at points at which I think things got a lot worse.  So up until about age 9 or 10, I was intelligent, hyperlexic and a pretty decent free thinker.  I had some traits, not many friends, got bullied and was pretty much the odd one out.  But for me, what I had was manageable.

Then aged 9 or 10 I had tonsilitis which at the time seemed to last for about 6 months.  Three months back i had a bunch of blood tests prior to undertaking immunosuprression therapy and one of them came back as positive for rheumatic fever, except I'd never had it, that I knew of.  So piecing things together, I suspect this 6 month tonsilitis was actually tonsilitis and rheumatic fever.  i remember essentially hallucinating/having delerium for most of the time I had it.  I developed a phobia of stepping on cracks in pavements and would obsessively do anything to avoid walking on them.  Also my behaviour at school went off the rails completely.  It was the start of a long downwards spiral lasting about 15 years.

So I have done a little research and it seems to show some evidence suggesting people with a rheumatic fever antibody also have ASD.  Just wondering if anyone else had rheumatic fever as a child and noticed their autism getting worse after it.

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