Frequent meltdown

my 26 year old son has recently had to move back in with us as he was getting targeted by the local youths where he lived on his own. However, he is now having meltdowns on a daily basis, is very aggressive and threatening. He needs his own space, when he is in his own space he has control and his meltdowns are often maybe only 3 or 4 a year. Why is it so difficult to find housing for adults with ASD/Aspergers. 

  • hi NAS23781

    I repaired my guts with kefir from the polish shop. blended with banana and frozen berries. I also used Roquefort cheese with apple or tomato, or put it into salad dressings. I also use mustard, miso paste, jelly, and lettuce. Then there's kombucha, fermented tea, and I home brew ginger beer non alcoholic.

    And magnesium baths...magnesium flakes in a hot bath.

    All this has stopped me having meltdowns, smashing the place up, becoming violent and threatening, screaming, crying and trying to knock myself out.

    It makes me feel 'balanced' and connected to the world and people around me in a way I never knew, and I cannot believe how easy it was, once I knew what to do.

    Good Luck


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