Looking for a guide to explain neurotypical people.

Hello everybody.

I haven't posted in about a year, at the time I was deciding if I should get a diagnosis which I chose not to get. I am currently a uni student in Nottingham and it seems that it is very obvious I am on the spectrum, people either seem to spot it immediately or think I am weird.

I really need to improve my ability to interact with people. I struggle a lot in social situations and find people often act and respond to things in very confusing and irrational ways. I have searched for a guide to understand neurotypical people better. Things like body language, social interaction, how to respond in situations and understand them in general. However my searches have only resulted in finding a few guides explaining Autism for normal people but not the other way around.

Can anybody help me out?
Thank you

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  • I found books targeted at NTs more useful for understanding them. "Watching the English" by Kate Fox was remarkably helpful, or any of the dozens of books on emotional intelligence - ideally ones with case studies.

    NTs aren't necessarily good at many of the social interactions and graces, so find the books teaching them how to behave and understand each other and you're well placed to understand how they'll expect you to behave.

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