Is there a strategy for avoiding the news?


I'm in my early forties and was diagnosed with ASD this year and one of my triggers has always been the news. Whenever I read something about any injustice (which is most of the news!) I stim quite badly, scratching behind my ear aggressively. I instantly try to solve the issue in my mind and come up with the perfect argument to sort this issue. I know this is not helpful for me but I am also so paranoid about missing out on some piece of news and them saying something that might offend someone e.g. talking about a well known person who, if I hadn't seen the news, might have done something terrible and making some horrendous faux pas.

I just wondered is there some news source anywhere, where you can ready, as neutrally as possible, the weeks events in a really simplified, couple of paragraphs a story way, so I don't trigger myself so much.

Many Thanks