Autistic Brother ???

Hi my names Rita and im wondering if anyone can help me ? my younger brother Ben who is 43 has mental health problems and has lived with our parents all his life i was 5 when he was born so i think i know him pretty well as a child he was always withdrawn and had a fascination with cars buses and trucks which he still does to date he had a plastic ride on bus that he would ride round and round the settee but only anti clockwise direction why i don't know he was always happy with his own company never really had friends and still doesn't , he was easily led i remember him nearly going off with some strange bloke when he was 6 god knows what would've happened if i hadn't seen him and dragged him back he would frequently wander off on his own without any fear once on holiday in cornwall he wandered off age 7 when my parents backs were turned we found him a half hour later being led round the beach by a woman who had found him trying to climb a cliff face, at 10 he followed a dog into a river and nearly drowned it just goes on really he was never very good at school yet he is very intelligent and he can make things out of wood or scraps that are quite amazing he can fix things like hoovers hairdryers computers etc he isn't overlay communicative with family but we manage but he clams up round strangers hates his routines being broken doesn't like bright lights or loud noises won't look people in the eye hates being touched except by my mum and dad and even that's limited licks his fingers before touching certain things hates man made fabrics and has eating addictions where he will eat the same thing day in and day out then suddenly change to something else ie cheese and crackers for 6 mths in short i guess what im asking is he autistic or aspergers ? im trying to get someone to see him but my dads being stubborn saying hes fine and doesn't need anyone poking their nose in family business i need some help to change his mind please