How Other people see you

Hi i am 47 ive only recently had my diagnosis of High Functioning Autism 

Back in the 70s i was taken to the GPs and they just said i was an extraordinary naughty kid

so nothing was ever done about my behaviour as i progressed into Adult life it became obvious i had several abilities and skills that was just unexplainable 

and friends and family just thought i was just talented its when the other side of me came out the outbursts or stupid things i would do and say

i just couldn't explain why i would do things ok now that i have an explanation it doesn't forgive the things ive done in the past but certainly explains it 

Family and friends know about my diagnosis but even today they still dont accept it and i am to blame ,

Even today its still happening the outbursts in public or on Social Media i just can not see what i am doing there is no help available where i live 

and i am fed up of trying to explain to GPs or People why i have this condition would be easier if i walked around with a label on my forehead