Referral worries...

I asked my GP a couple of weeks ago to refer me to be assessed for a possible ASD. She agreed right away and took the giant list I had compiled to include with the referral, and seemed to know what she was doing. I haven't yet had a letter confirming the referral however-feel like I can't properly settle down to wait until I do.

Checked on my online GP portal to make sure it had been done, and it says 'referral to mental health team'. So now I'm additionally worried about whether she has referred me to the wrong place. I meant to specifically check that it was to the local autism spectrum service when I had the appointment, but she disarmed me with how willing she was to refer me and she really did seem confident in doing so, and I forgot (despite having it written down on a piece of paper for her and everything). I don't know if maybe it's just really general on the online portal or it has gone wrong. And I don't know what to do or whether to do anything (make another appointment? Check in with the receptionist at the surgery or leave a message?) Don't want to waste their time-it might be fine-but neither do I want to have any more time wasted than necessary since could be waiting a while anyway.

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