Hi, just to let you know, friends on Facebook are asking how they can support me and my right to work without discrimination or bullying and I am asking them to lobby

Parliament through this link appga@nas.org.uk.  We often think of providing a service to Autistic people within schools but not realise that there actually may be teaching and

support staff on the spectrum, who are excluded and are afraid to be open as I was.due to the consequences.  Has anyone seen the film about a gay man in 'Phillidelphia'  who was 

bullied and lost his job, well we are facing that today.  I may have poor mental health right now but I still have my right to employment and was not asked to resign because I was useless

but due to the 'environment' not compatible with my autism, in the Principals words.  School Academies are not autistic friendly for both students or staff on the spectrum, Government needs

to know.