Need help understanding assessment process


I feel I'm either bot understanding well (a typical thing with me) or I'm not being explained it very Well.

I have been refered by my doctor for an assessment of aspergers, I saw refered for an initial assesment who asked me to do some autism questionnaire and asked me some questions.

I was then called a few days later to advise I'm on a waiting list to see a physcologist.

My question is if I have been put in a waiting list does this mean they suspect I Have it? If I had scores low on these questionnaire to say I didn't then would that mean they didn't put me on a waiting list to see a  physcologist ? 

And what can i expect from seeing a physcologist ?

Thank you 

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  • Hi Nadielou,

    You might want to have a look at the page here on the site about the process of getting a diagnosis. Steps 3-5 here seem particularly relevant to you - You can read about the different steps of the process and what to expect when you go to see the psychologist.

    To answer your question, it's difficult to say without knowing you or your doctor exactly why they have decided to refer you. The exact way getting a diagnosis works is not the same for every individual GP or doctor's surgery. If the psychologist appointment is not for a while, and it's on your mind, is it possible you could call back the doctor's and ask for more information about why they decided to refer you?

    Best wishes,

    Ross - mod

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