Not receiving e-mail notifications?

Am I the only one who is not receiving notifications when someone has posted to a thread that they are subscribed to?

  • Hi Aspiemum, 

    Really sorry if this is happening and thanks for letting us know. More we know, quicker we can fix it. 

    Few things that may help, which I know might be really obvious, so excuse me if you've checked all of this. 

    Threads you've replied to or created before we set up emails won't have notifications attached - that'll need to be done manually. 

    You can check all your subscriptions through the 'Email settings' options. Be worth making sure that the settings in there are set up to send out messages. 

    There's a guide to the email settings on the following page -

    The emails also come from the following address - - so you might want to try adding that to any safe list in your email service. 

    But don't let that sound like an excuse, it's more than possible as we're trying to get this working correctly, that a problem could have occured. So if other people are having the same issue please let us know and Aspiemum, I'll check on the email queue after I post this reply. That should tell me whether we're trying to send out emails to you or not. 

  • Just to let you know the system showed an email queued to go out to a subscription from this thread after I replied, so let me know if you didn't get it. 

  • Hi Jim

    I got the email from this thread, and one from "Diagnosing", today.  All my subscribed threads were already set to email notification so I will monitor it and let you know.


  • Cheers, thanks for letting me now. Glad it seems to be working now but anymore problems just let us know :)

  • No, you are not the only one who is not receiving notifications when someone has posted to a thread that they are subscribed to.

    Where are the e-mail notifications?

    I am not getting them anymore at all. My notification settings are still the same.

    If email notifications are missing, please check your Spam/Junk folder. By their nature, forum messages are sent to numbers of people (everyone participating in the thread). This tends to make them look more like spam to your email provider, so there is a tendency for them to get mis-identified. You could try white-listing the address from which they are sent, which is "National Autistic Society - our Community <>".

    This reply is not helpful. I checked all these things even before I wrote here.

    None of your mentioned things is the case.

    The problem is somewhere else. The notification e-mails even do not reach the server since 25/02/2018 22:08 at all.