PIP - awarded enhanced, but do I still challenge?

Your helpful advice would be very welcome.

My daughter (16) was awarded enhanced for both the care and mobility elements of PIP scoring 12 points on each (minimum required).  We are relieved and feel she deserves the enhanced judgement.

However, there were some decisions that were nonsensical.  I.e. she was awarded 0/12 for communication. She is autistic! Communication is THE ISSUE she struggles with!

I don't know what to do now.  Do I ask them to reconsider or just leave it?  My worry is that if I leave it, what happens when they review it in 3 years time and they give her the same again and I didn't challenge it this time?  If I challenge it, could they downgrade her on other elements and downgrade her from the enhanced rate?

Do I just write to them to lodge that we do not agree with some aspects of the decision but accept the overall outcome.

Thank you for reading.

Parents Reply
  • If you are comfortable with it, who's to question it!

    For me, the hard part was waiting for the decision.

    It's not the things that are happening that bother most people, it's what might happen.

    Your outlook reminded me of an old Chinese Zen story. I've shown other people this, but it does sort of sum up your situation.


    Getting my diagnosis seemed like this. It's an ongoing thing, but life is falling into place, bit by bit. Life is strange, but it's neither good or bad until you give it that title.

    Hope things keep moving in the direction you feel is best.

    p.s. thank you for you support and wise words

    I'm far from wise, but that's the trick. Being "stupid" or "wrong" can be a gift! You learn nothing from constant "success", or being "right" all the time. Sounds like you see your diagnosis as a big turning point, I think the way you are working with it is quite inspiring. Keep on keeping on!