14 year old - OCD/Apergers - "forgetting" medication

Not impressed I must admit but thats my son to a tee. Goes with the flow, expects things to bend the way he wants etc and will make zero effort to help himself.

We've spent over £500 on private consultant appointments to get him seen and presribed medication. Found out for the last 10 days hes "forgotten" to take it.

Hes almost 15 - I'm absolately bomping mad with him. Surely, at 14/15 he should be able to know the importance of it?

  • When you spent the money on the appointments did you spend the money to help him or to help yourself?

    Sounds like he does not see any need to take it.

    I am similar with my personal hygiene. I see some need for it and will make an effort e.g. if I am getting a lift somewhere and am going to be in the close proximity of others for long periods of time, but I "forget" to do it as you put it if I am not going to be seeing other people.

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