Does need an EHCP?


My son was diagnosed as Autism High Functioning in April2017. I have had no contact with specialists except for an occupational therapy review just before Christmas. SALT discharged him on the SENCo's say so without referring to his case notes or diagnosis. I have had him reinstated onto the caseload and we have a meeting on Wednesday to discuss his needs. I am hopefully seeing his consultant in February. 

My son is almost 7 and attends a mainstream school where he copes quite well with the curriculum (if anything its not challenging enough) and his social circle is limited but maintained. However,his behaviour is becoming increasingly difficult to manage at home and bad days at school definitely impact on this. 

Should I be pushing for him to have an EHCP prior to starting junior school in September? It is a separate school to the infant he currently attends though on the same site. The school are reluctant to offer support with transition just yet and are asking me to wait in until Easter. 

I am also unsure what, if any, extra considerations will get in terms its his SATs in May. 

Any support here would be really beneficial. 

Thank you