This following, was printed in:
Asperger United, Edition 83, July 2015. (Page 10 (10-ish).)

"Brain waves are listed in order from sleeping to waking as beta, alpha, theta and delta. Beta being the waking state and alpha the state in which all children (and all animals) are in. Consider the proposal that autism is a brain which has more conscious connections to the alpha state, which is why the more "SEVERE" it is, the more childlike or sensitive the person is. Neurotypicals are "successful" beta people, while persons like me, with Asperger's syndrome, are highly beta, ..."

After that, it was mentioned again, in one-or-two later issues of AU... but still no-one responded to that EXACT topic (Brainwaves + Autism). So I (try to) invite opinions HERE.

There are "Links" to "prove" this matter, if the links given below still work:

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