What would an ASD Utopia be like?

With BBC 4 showing a documentary in the coming days on our pursuit of Utopia...(http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/bbc-four-utopia-season). Just for a bit of weekend grey matter exercise.....What would this utopian state be like in your opinion?

  • Well I'm living up to my usual not quite keeping up with everyone.. think I need a bell. When challenged to starting a thread oddly enough this was one I thought of not knowing it was already several days old. My asd utopia/autopia. No street lights or kerbstones. No loud bangs and no mirrors. Disease free fruit, veg and flowers. Lots of space, hills and dales, stonewalls, rivers and sheep. I too have often thought of a house with individual living space with a common room so we can mix when we choose or retirement style flats and houses with some common areas.. or if plenty of room  pods and fields of our own. Instructions for things would be written down in simple Language and accessible, access to magnificent libraries and workshops of our choice. A sensory garden for adults which would include twinkly fairy lights in different colours, squishy cushions in silk and cotton a zen water feature and swings. Clothes stores where all collar labels were banned. As for how we would learn to live together will have to think about that tomorrow. 

  • Hi misfit61 glad you found this post albeit a couple of days after it started,it isn't unusual to find a post that is relevant that gets replied to without even noticing it can be several years since it was last active, not a problem here in virtual autopia as that's how we do things.

    keep joining in as you will definitely benefit being with like minded people,your experiences may help others and vice versa,

    I like your autopia,sounds like a good place for us all, the workshop would be my main area to be.

    I keep thinking given time and understanding that some of the severe issues we can suffer would settle down or go altogether in an environment run purely by autistics?

    we are after all only struggling to fit into a world we don't fit into!

    we need a place where we and what we are would be the norm a place to feel comfortable, a place where us older types could understand the younger ones and not change them to fit in but help them be who they are,it may well be that true autism without outside alien input would be better? Oh yeah your user name would have to change to "normal61" or"I belong61".

    I have a feeling that I will be visiting this post a lot as once I have an idea I just can't let it go!

  • Thanks Lonewarrior your reply made me smile. And I think I might be too. But the sun is actually shining so going to get out now

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    a place where us older types could understand the younger ones and not change them to fit in but help them be who they are,

    you do write some lovely things Lonewarrior. I find it alarming that so many 20 year olds are coming on here just as baffled as we are now and we were then. And parents bewildered not knowing what to do. You'd think things would be changing for the young ones but new knowledge takes a long time to be universal. Why do people block acceptance? I don't understand. Even on here we are full of contradictions one person professing one thing another the opposite. I think I'm going to keep my rose tinted glasses on and imagine some more beautiful things for the island