What would an ASD Utopia be like?

With BBC 4 showing a documentary in the coming days on our pursuit of Utopia...(http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/bbc-four-utopia-season). Just for a bit of weekend grey matter exercise.....What would this utopian state be like in your opinion?

  • So my light hearted version of Utopia would have:

    Touch screen devices would definately be swapped for things with big clicky switches,

    Lights would dim as you look towards them,

    People would not actually be able to get to close to you, and would only be able to talk to you when you are ready to listen to them,

    Hairdressers would not talk to you or have mirrors,

    Supermarkets would let ASD people in when all the shelves are full, before they get ransacked by people who leave things in the wrong places,

    If politicians lie, or are proven not to understand they would be sacked immediately,

    Social media would not allow people to tell others what they have been doing if it is not some sort of life changing event. People who then break this and tell people every time they eat something would be silenced for a set period of time,

  • I love gadgets with buttons.

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