A change for the worse

"Autism friendly"? No, I don't think so. The original format worked and was a logical set up that was easy to use, this new format is a total illogical mess. The number of posts on this forum and the number of users making them were already in decline. I think this new layout will simply hasten that process. I for one won't be using or visiting this site in future. In fact as soon as I post this I'm going to close my account here.

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  •  - there are several ways of updating yourself on what's been added. It may depend which one you are using?

    If you browse by thread, and are signed in, you should find that unread thread titles are bold, and read ones are in normal type. This is remembered even if you sign in next time on a different PC/device. You can browse by thread either in the five individual forums, or in the paginated Recent forum posts list on the home page.

    I'll have a think about the issue of marking threads read without actually reading them. I often open forum threads in new tabs, so I suppose you could do that and just close the tab.

    It's true that, if you look at the individual recent posts in the "activity stream" further down the home page, there isn't a way to mark those as read (or interesting/not).

    Please keep the comments coming.

  • - one other point is that there are filters at the top of the forum pages, for example for autistic adults - are these helpful?