A change for the worse

"Autism friendly"? No, I don't think so. The original format worked and was a logical set up that was easy to use, this new format is a total illogical mess. The number of posts on this forum and the number of users making them were already in decline. I think this new layout will simply hasten that process. I for one won't be using or visiting this site in future. In fact as soon as I post this I'm going to close my account here.

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  • Hi BIMOG changes like this are difficult to achieve without some compromises.  I know work/thought went in to keeping it as simple as possible and maintaining a similar structure. A change had to take place because the old system was no longer supported. I would encourage everyone to give the new site a chance. It's the folk in the community that make it what it is.. your involvement is very welcome and appreciated BIMOG do stay and build the community. I'm sure comments will be welcome and improvements forthcoming where possible. 

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