Hello my son has been wakening every night now for the last lot of weeks.  He wakes screaming and very annoyed. He ranges from having to get up at say 4.30 and then back an hour or so later to just being able to peacify him in his bed by lying in with him.  He got his diagnosis in September but I dont really know if this is related to Autism.

Please advise a tired mum.



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  • i would assume that it is related to asd as my son who has recently been diagonsed and my daughter who is going through an assessment both have difficulties sleeping although my sons sleep patterns have got better since he started taking respiderone...

    my daughter has been prescribed mellatonin (she takes one before bedtime) but she still has terrible trouble sleeping..sometimes it could be 2 or 3 o'clock before she goes to sleep...or if she does drop off early she seems to wake early any time between 4 and 6 o' the tiredness i can very much empathise with

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