hello, does anyone else like spinning, knitting, felting and weaving ? Two years ago I got myself a second hand spinning wheel, some ready to use , clean fleece and just got started. Its very therapeutic ! The first wool I made was a mixture of black and purple- twined together. I then knitted a small bag-and long strap, for my daughters nintendo ds, then i felted it- basically shrunk it ,in the washing machine ! I tied a purple ribbon on with a few trinkets to customise it. My daughter loved it and soon told all her student friends about it, so now i make all sorts of sizes of bags, felt them and put them on crafting sites to sell. At the moment I`m making lots of different colors of frogs ! They`re really cute and make great christmas presents.


Does anyone else spin or felt stuff ? i`m going to try making a hat soon, that should be fun! I`m not too great at reading knitting patterns, so keep fingers crossed it will turn out ok. : ) . allyd

  •   No i dont do any of the crafts you mentioned but they all sound great fun... i'm really hopeless at making things  !!

  • I do cross-stitch, when my hands/fingers feel like obeying me *lol* When I'm in the mood I can get really into it, but if I'm distracted or worked up or my mind is otherwise engaged I just find it so frustrating and challenging it very often gets thrown across the room


    But I've had a number of successes, including a Xmas card I did for my Mum and stepdad last year that I started in September

  • I do lots of different crafts from card making to decoupage, wax painting and more.

    I just bought some self adhesive peel offs for a snip

    Not so good at knitting or crochet so that is something to learn for the future.

    My aspie grandson loves crafting, he makes his parent and myself all manner of wild and unique pieces, it calms him and allows his creative impulses full reign. The two of us make quite a can guess who does all the clearing up lol.....


  • am a knitting nutter! Just taught myself to crochet and starting to learn leather craft now! It helps me to relax after what can be a very long day!

  • Oh yes and I am a member of a knitting and crochet group in Leiceester, we meet at the Exchange, not necessarily Autistic, but we all share the same passion for this hobby.