3 Good Things (Redux)

Since the thread, which began May 2021, seems to have vanished, I wish to create a new one. 

From Darkness to Light. Smiley

1. I paid for a condensed tumble dryer, which I reserved on Tuesday; for delivery, tomorrow. Also paid for a three-year warranty. (In cash) 

2. I made a poem, entitled 'Storm in a teacup', about the arrival of Agnes. (SEYMOUR!) 

3. Bought more Farm-Fresh milk today. 


    1. Buying used books from Amazon is the best thing ever! The two books I got that were 1-2$ are in perfect-new condition and ‘The Wild Truth’ has CARINE MCCANDLESS SIGNATURE INSIDE (The sister of Chris McCandless touched this very book, signed it, and im just freaking outttt), the other book was from Harvards library. I feel like these are both artifacts lol. And they were so cheap too.
    2. Ali came home after a 4 day sleepover
    3. Got ice cream
  • YOUR NUMBER ONE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! And I thought I was lucky being able to get 16 brand-new books for 4 bucks! (I don't usually use the term "bucks", except for "dollarbucks", as in Bluey. It's an English II joke.) Speaking of... Matthew K doesn't read, hates reading, and I'm not totally sure can read. He wants to buy Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unlocked, hardcover, brand new just to spite me. He is the WORST.

  • dollarbucks

    I got the Bluey reference Blue heart Dog Blush

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