Line Anxiety

Hi everyone, 

I leave a disclaimer at the beginning of each of my messages that I'm not actually diagnosed with autism because like... even though I'm fairly sure I might be autistic despite the doubts that are constantly plaguing me, there is the likelihood that I'm just being a hypochondriac and I'm actually neurotypical as the other 99% of the population. 

Anyway, does anyone else get anxious when they have to wait in lines especially for long periods of time or in crowded places like an amusement park? I've never known what's caused me to get so jittery and pace back and forth and hang all over the hand rails and beg my mom/family members to find another ride with a shorter line if we were ever in one that was over half an hour long at our local amusement park. I assumed that lines are just a trigger for my anxiety because I'm a generally impatient person, but could it be more? 

I'm still trying to untangle the web that is my life and figure out if I'd qualify for a diagnosis so I'm turning here with the questions that have plagued me for forever as well as trying not to overwhelm the forum. Sorry if I'm bothering anyone with nonsense.

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