Why bother with Philosophy?

People wonder what the meaning of life is. However, reality is unexplainable.

Just accept that the majority are dumb, and that utopia is a pipe dream. Our thinking should be used to solve problems, rather than achieve some illusory goal.

  • I believe all philosophers end up in philosophy prompted by the question of Fate or Free Will. Between the lot of them (I'm generalising a bit, but not much), they could've written The Matrix. 

    Philosophy isn't actually about the meaning of life, that's a spiritual quest. It's a science and like all sciences will help give identification to seemingly invisible systems at play. Without philosophy we wouldn't have the fundamentals needed for the Justice System, Education or Psychology. We wouldn't have rules to measure science by, the construct of ethics or aesthetics and right about now, the quest for expressing aesthetics is almost becoming a measure of survival for hyper-sensory individuals. 

    I'd say definitely bother with it! But one doesn't need to start with Plato. Peel through the philosophy section of a library and find someone who speaks to you. 

  • The point is that we can never achieve utopia. Good and evil are out there. Unfortunately, evil is growing stronger.

  • Yes, I do agree that evil is growing stronger.

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  • That seems to be true.

    But is it not just the natural cycle of things?

    Maybe we are moving through another period of catastrophe and trauma, which will have a very high price, but will eventually be overcome. 

    In time we will enter another period of relative enlightenment, harmony, and peace, before the cycle begins again.

    It seems to be human nature, maybe it is our fate as a species...

  • I think you are right but unfortunately we can't know who will survive it and how we'll get through it. I fear many will die...

  • This is sadly true.

    We all have to go at some point, but one hopes it's never earlier than nature dictates.

    I struggle with empathy and compassion, and I'm quite emotionally detached, so I have a tendency to be a casually observer, wondering what is wrong with everybody.

    Nearly 8 billion on the planet, all those minds, and we're still stuck in petty tribalism and power struggles.

    It's a shame.

    Hopefully we can transcend before it's too late.

  • I am similar but I do feel some empathy if people are hurt/ upset etc. I try to help but don't always succeed.

    I do feel like an observer though 'what the heck are they doing???' sort of thing. Definitely like an alien visiting earth.