Tips & Tricks For Concentration

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for me to help me with studying and just staying "concentrated"? I've always struggled with this sometimes I'm fine and sometimes I'm not, (but most of the time I'm not).

I think most people on here who know who I am, know that I was diagnosed with ASD(Aspergers) in march but there was a suspicion that I could have ADHD as well although I was never 'tested'. I think it could quite possibly be true and it would account for a lot of the things I experience on top of being on the spectrum as well, but it's hard to tell which is which.

P.S. I know I haven't been active on here recently I've just had a lot happen to me in a very short amount of time that has both taken a lot of energy out of me and throw me back into bad 'depressive' habits so I haven't really had the time or energy or 'want' to be on here.

Thanks in advance, I hope everyone on here is ok.


  • I'm drug seeking from the N.H.S. at the moment for Adderall. Got my telephone Dr's appointment booked for this week.

    It's essentially amphetamine tablets like they gave to bomber command in WW2, and used sparingly & under supervision it looks to be a very useful tool indeed. I tried the illegal version once in the eighties and it made me feel very, very "normal" and crisp and "up to the job" at the time, so it seems worth a shot at trying it again under medical supervision IF they will let me.. I want to see just how much I can get done if I can retain my focus for more than five minutes at a time...

    One half of me thinks I am trying to game the system to get an unfair advantage, the other half thinks I am trying to get the system to help me with my disability.. 

  • Yeah I just wouldn't feel comfortable taking drugs like that myself but go for it and come back to this post if you can get it and tell me what it's like

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