What would happen if every single person on Earth simply disappeared?

Not dead, simply gone, just like that. How would suburban pets fare without people to feed them? How would the forests, the oceans and the wildlife react if there was suddenly an end to all the hunting, fishing and farming? After being on the receiving end of humanity for millennia, nature would finally be given a chance to take the world back. But how would it work? How long would the skyscrapers and houses last if they were abandoned? 

Aftermath: Population Zero - The World without Humans

This is a fascinating documentary. It's quite long, but extremely interesting. What would happen if, tomorrow, every single person on Earth simply disappeared? “Aftermath” is the astounding story of a world that humans will never see. The two-hour special examines the impact of human beings on this planet by proposing what the Earth might be like without people.

  • The Earth would regain it's natural balance over time, but even if the Earth ever became a desolate and inhospitable place for every living creature, and just a rock floating in space, it won't matter that much, because there's millions and billions of planets that have no life on them, but they're just fine because they just kind of float around and orbit things, and planets don't have a consciousness or memory, so I don't think they'll really care if things are living on them or not. It's only really human self-preservation instincts that really care if there's no humans left on the Earth anymore. I think that other creatures and life would thrive if humans were gone.

  • "MY understanding",

    The world existed before humans, evoloution of species took its course based on the survival and instinctive need to keep their own particular species in existance.

    However, All species utilised each other to co-exist and adapted and evolved with each other to do this, hence they lived in balance. For example, (for which there are 1,000's) certain species of fish will swim with sharks, cleaning their gills and feeding from plancton gathered around the gills, the shark will not attack or eat them, because it is completing a task that is essential to the shark, in return the cleaner fish gets protection from a large preditor, which in turn ensures its own survival.. Blance!

    Likewise, there are species of trees that when attacked by for example an infestation of greenfly or mites, actually change there perfume to that a similar scent to a ladybird, which attracts the ladybirds to the tree and they consume the infesting attackers. survival and Balance for both..

    The world is such an amazing and complex place, the only species that do not work in balance is the human species!

    If they were not here, the world would continue, it would adapt and heal and re Balance!!

    The skyscrapers etc, would eventually be crumbled to dust as the flora takes over, you can see this, if you ever noticed an old house that has not been lived in for years has been consumed by plant life... Yo may have even noticed in very od places, little shrubs or grasses growning from very tall buildings, on the outside, the were not planted there by humans! that is nature, survival, continuation of its species!!

    Im sure the world will continue! There is so, so much amazing things going on around us every moment of the day that we just dont see or want to see!! What an amazing place we live, but fail to co-exist with it!

    (I do understand that a lot of people DO co-exist with it)

  • Apologies, with regard to your query to the suburban pets, they have a natural instinct of survival, this would be returned to them, as it was the humans that took these away, but they would be fine, just a lot more of them!!!!!

  • All domesticated animals would die out - they rely on us too much for feeding and maintenance.      Invasive species populations would explode with no checks - lots of natural species would die out.      Lots of other species rely on our waste to survive - it would be pretty bleak for lots of Barn Owls with no barns.    Same with bats.

  • my only concern is the enslaved, caged animals, and the nuclear facilities need to be decommissioned (though I think Mother Earth may find a way round that problem).

  • Yeah - all the things that need looking after will die.

    Nuclear - not a problem - it shuts down fail-safe and then just gradually decays - in fact, with no-one to vandalise it, time is your friend - most high-energy stuff goes very quickly and it's only the really long-lived isotopes that hang around - and long-life means little activity coming off per day.

    Look at the wildlife around Chernobyl - and that's within a few decades after a full-on reactor explosion..

    The concrete used for shielding actually gets stronger every year (they're decommissioning my old facility and the vaults will be cut up into blocks for sea defences).

  • I've seen this. Very thought provoking.

  • Oh gosh I watched something like that. I thought it would be interesting but I found it boring. Turns out, if all humans disappeared, everything falls down, plants and animals take over. What a surprise.

    Sorry, I don't mean to pour cold water on you!

  • KitCat, no need to be Sorry! we all see things in different ways :0)

  • According to the documentary, most domestic pets would die in their homes unable to find food or get out of the house to search for food. Some would manage, and the smaller ones, especially cats, would end up being eaten by the bigger animals, mainly dogs. Dogs would form packs. Basically a return to the laws of the jungle.