What are your pet peeves?

My pet peeve are things said all too commonly that is all too common...

When someone says something like, “When the dinosaurs all died,” or when someone looks at an alligator and goes, “is this the only chance we’ll ever get to see an animal so close to a dinosaur?” 

Or the other day when looking though books I might want to read i came across a title of a book that sounds interesting, but the title bugged me, “voyage of the turtle: in pursuit of the earths last dinosaur.” 

Why does this bug me? Because we still have dinosaurs with us today, you see them in your gardens. Birds are literally Dinosaurs. They’re theropods (the same lineage as T-Rex! But they evolved from smaller theropods than T-Rex) 

another pet pet peeve of mine is when someone sees a massive animal and they say, “it could be a dinosaur it’s so big!” 

Because even before birds there were small Dinosaurs, for example Microraptor. 

I also have a pet peeve about myths in general. An even worse pet peeve is when there is a myth that something is a myth if that makes sense. Lol. 

So so what are your pet peeves? 

  • I have two pet Parrots. They are my little Dinosaurs  

    Pet peeve: people who don't signal when turning 

  • One of my pet peeves is people with no manners! It takes a second to say 'please', 'thank you' or 'sorry', so I don't understand why some people can't seem to master basic manners.

  • In no particular order...

    • Stating the bleeding obvious, especially if phrased as a question; e.g. "Wet out today isn't it?", as I stand before them dripping all over the carpet, doing my best impression of a drowned rat, after walking several miles through said inclement weather.
    • Litterbugs and fly-tippers.
    • Grocery packaging obviously designed to be opened only by people born with Swiss Army knives in place of fingers (fortunately for him, the inventor of the "Tetra-Pak" passed away before I could get at him!)
    • Drivers who think that zebra crossings are just a form of abstract street art.
    • People who couldn't care less that "could care less" means the opposite of what they're trying to say.
    • Chocolate bars which have melted into the wrapper while awaiting purchase.
    • Bannisters with open-ended rails which are magnetically attracted to sleeves and pockets.
    • Text messages from my phone provider about fantastic internet data deals, which always arrive on my text/voice-only PAYG phone just as I was managing to relax.
    • Bin men who re-arrange wheelie bins as cryptically encoded messages to their alien masters.
    • Cars that go "boom, boom..." instead of "brrrrm, brrrm...".
    • Being told by a robot how much it loves me for the umpteenth time as I'm waiting for my call to be answered.
    • Architects who place paths according to their post-modern aesthetic whims instead of in the blindingly obvious places where people will want to walk.
    • Shoes that start to fall apart just as I'm on the cusp of having walked them in enough to be comfortable.
    • People who use their trolley as a mobile barricade in the supermarket.
    • Internet headlines which make allegations about what I do or do not know, presume to know what I will or will not believe, insist that I will be amazed or astounded, etc...
    • The egregious grammar or spelling error that I don't notice during my dozen proof-reads that magically appears as soon as I click "Reply".
    • Plus the ones already mentioned by other posters, and all the other ones...
  • Drivers that do not indicate.

    Drivers that aggressively overtake.

    Checkout staff chatting away. I'm not normally an impatient person. When I'm the the supermarket, checkout staff know a lot of the customers. I don't mind them talking while they are scanning/bagging shopping. It is especially annoying when I am only buying one thing. I just want to pay and get out!

    My parents bugging me when I am trying to do something. When I'm not actually doing anything they are quiet as a grave. When I am actually doing something, they start.

  • When people say "sorry!" instead of "excuse me, may i get past"  when they barge past me or try to squeeze in the little gap that isn't big enough between me and a hard place.

  • I'm having to dig a bit to list these, because I'm trying to be a lot more chilled about other people and, generally, succeeding.

    I also run the risk that someone lovely on here will have done one of these / like one of these and think I'm being weird or unfair or both.

    Like I say, I've got over most of these, but digging back in time:

    • The apparently universal assumption that men like football. I felt this a lot as a child. Thankfully, I'm realising that it seems no longer so prevalent.
    • When waiters interrupt my eating to ask how I'm enjoying my eating.
    • Tomato sauce bottles on tables (home or out)
    • Music that gets played at wedding receptions, intended to please everybody, and hence pleases almost no-one.
    • Fancy dress parties
    • When I see "Your" and "You're" mixed up
    • Parties where all the men stand in one corner and all the women sit on sofas. I used to feel bad for not standing with the men, but a) didn't want to listen to them talk about football and b) liked sitting with women!
    • When people say (generally to or about university students) "I went to the university of life, me" as if that's somehow better than actual university. I used to get it as a teenager (approaching uni time) and it's taken me 30 years to realise that I should have said "Uni students go to the university of life *as well*".
    • The fact that when you're in a hurry in a supermarket, the slower the person in front of you walks, the wider they appear. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with Einstein's Relativity; some kind of dilation effect.
    • Generic "men are useless" memes, which don't get the full glare of the sexism searchlight (thankfully, this is changing).
    • Loud music that stats up just when you were enjoying the peace and quiet (e.g. on holiday next to a tranquil pool).
    • Scripted "How are you today?" from telesales people who clearly don't care what the answer might be (again, thankfully less frequent nowadays).
    • Growing up thinking that the world would end if I didn't answer a ringing phone. I can now report that I have tried this, and nothing bad happened!
  • The fact that when you're in a hurry in a supermarket, the slower the person in front of you walks, the wider they appear. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with Einstein's Relativity; some kind of dilation effect.

    So true!!

  • People who couldn't care less that "could care less" means the opposite of what they're trying to say.

    Oh yes, God bless America(ns).

  • In addition to all of the above... when a supermarket gives you a money-off coupon as part of your receipt for the thing you've just purchased and won't buy again for another three months.