The Vulnerability Experiences Quotient (VEQ)

Co‐morbid mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression are extremely common in autistic adults. Vulnerability to negative life experiences such as victimisation and unemployment may be partially responsible for the development of these conditions. Here we measure the frequency of negative life experiences in autistic adults and explore how these are associated with current anxiety and depression symptoms and life satisfaction. We developed the Vulnerability Experiences Quotient (VEQ) through stakeholder consultation. The VEQ includes 60 items across 10 domains. Autistic adults with a clinical diagnosis and non‐autistic controls completed the VEQ, screening measures for anxiety and depression, and a life‐satisfaction scale in an online survey.

  • Thank you Firemonkey,

    I do a lot of chicken and egg research. Finding out about misdiagnosis and dual diagnosis with ASD.

    I'm seeing naivety, not being able to judge the intentions of others, and inability to express feeling being a massive cause of PTSD.

  • Not surprising, and it's about time issues of victimisation and discrimination against autistic children and adults were foregrounded rather than what a 'tragedy' an autistic child is to parents. I don't want to minimise the issues for parents of intellectually disabled children but parents may actually be emotionally abusive rather than the 'victim' and the principal sufferer is always going to be the autistic person.