What do you all think?

Hi Everyone, I really would value and appreciate your opinions on something. Please bear with me while I explain.

So, disappointed at the lack of AS/ASD social groups in my town (1 group once a month on a day I can’t do, town population nearly 130,000) I decided to create a Facebook account solely to join AS/ASD groups on Facebook to connect with other people with AS/ASD. This is good BUT does not solve the problem of me wanting to connect with other people in my local area with AS/ASD with a view to potential social meet ups. So, what I would really like to do is start a Facebook group for people in my local area with AS/ASD. But I do wonder if I’m jumping the gun a bit as I was only diagnosed in December myself and I feel like I need at least one ‘partner in crime’ to run  an online group with but I have no clue where to find such a person/people. Basically I’m a bit scared of just starting up a group on my own based on only a very recent diagnosis. What do you all think?

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