Near Troll posts

I don't want to embarrass the perpetrators of the posts by name, there have been more than one, but at times their appear troll like posts on these forums.

Perhaps it is inadvertant, but asking for advice and then showing little respect for the replies that are made in good faith, name calling using unacceptable language, putting across a belief that one has and then insisting this belief is irrefutable despite what others have said and with no evidence, or criticising others for valid views seems to me the sort of thing a troll would do. 

I don't know whether it is a 'road from Damascus' moment (the 'from' is deliberate as it seems to be that the eyes have been closed and not opened) but there has also been what appears to be a personality change at times.  We are autistic, but this does not mean we cannot work things out and with proper respect views can be contrary to those of others.  And sometimes there are members here with particular knowledge which is useful to others.  But posting information to further a theory of doubtful basis is not what I believe this forum is for, and one should expect others to put the alternative view.

I know I wind people up at times, hopefully not too many times on this forum.  But I do try to think about what I am saying, give information in good faith, accept other peoples contributions with good humour, and not spout rubbish. 

But there does seem at times to be people here with nothing to add to a conversation but spout nonsense.

  • First of all, I would love to know how you could embarrass somebody, but I know that’s besides the point. 

    I think I am understanding you correctly, but please correct me if I’m wrong. 

    You sound as if you are feeling hurt and maybe a little angry by something that somebody else has said, and that you would like the said person, to stop saying those things? 

    It appears that you have also come to the conclusion, that from your understanding, with all the knowledge and awareness you have, and from how you have interpreted what this person has said, that they’re a troll and you would like them to stop being a troll? 

    For my part, I would like to think there’s some awareness on this site of how blunt us autistics can be, and how we like to therefore receive information in a similar fashion. And with that in mind, I ask you to tell me if you’re talking about me, because I wouldn’t have a clue otherwise.

    Just about nobody, understands me. I live in a dimension that people like Einstein lived in. Who the hell is going to understand me? I know that. I accept that. However, that does not mean that I must never talk for fear of people misunderstanding me. Because let’s face it, if anyone has ever read a post of mine, I’m sure you’d agree, that the chances of meeting people who don’t understand me, are far greater than me meeting those who do. 

    However, I have not met a person yet, who has wanted to undetatand me, who hasn’t, when they didn’t stop until they did. Meaning, we had a conversation. 

    I don’t expect people to ever understand a single word I say. I literally see the whole universe in a single drop of dew! What are the chances of me bumping into someone else who can understanding that?

    So does that mean I should never talk about the beauty that I see in the world? In my world, and although it’s shared by many others, we’re scattered around, people are only ever saying, please and thank you.

    But if you don’t know that language, you won’t recognise it when you hear it and instead, you’ll hear something else. You’ll hear whatever you want to hear, you’ll make it mean whatever you want it to mean, according to your life experiences, your understanding of who you are and your ability to really hear, at any given time to what another person might be saying. Always check it out if you’re not sure, I was taught. Hearing another, isn’t a given, it takes work, so I know that misunderstands happen with all of us. We all misunderstand others and each other from time to time and sometimes maybe a lot. Who knows? We’re all different. I guess it’s goes on how many like minded people we hang around with? I don’t know? 

    And I have no idea what the road to Damascus is. None whatsoever, so, I don’t understood any of that, so maybe I’m missing a crucial part of the plot, and I’ve got the wrong end of the stick altogether? 

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