Markting my Autism

I am in creative sector. I am starting up my own business to sell my stuff. Is an alright thing to do and sell my stuff and make a point that I have Autism.

  • I can't see anything wrong with it.

    We see plenty of stuff about that is produced by disabled people of all types.  People market stuff as made by 'starving artists' (who in reality are from the far east and are exploited by a marketing company.

    If you think that advertising the fact you are autistic will help your business, then give it a try.  But think carefully whether in fact it will be to your advantage.  I think you will be judged on the quality of your work, not on the fact you are autistic.  Most people will buy on this basis and not as a form of patronising you because of your autism.  And there is no reason why the quality of your work should fall below that of others producing work of a similar type who are not autistic.

    Good luck with your enterprise.

  • I would also go along with Trsinspotter's comments. Surely it is the work that matter and your work should be able to transcend whatever you came into the world with and speak for itself? 

    On the other hand I know an artist who markets himself as an Outsider artist. I suspect he did it because where I am there is a real snobbery against those artists who have no papers, i.e. no degree in fine art. 

    I think there is an organisation for so-called Outsiders in the UK though if you want to check that out. 

  • Hi,

    Good luck with your artwork.

    Michael Tolleson, the autistic savant artist feels that the autism is more the actual artist (of his work) than he is.

    More info here.

  • Hi there,

    Unless you're expressing elements/feelings of autism through your work, I don't think it would have much impact on the success of your business. People will focus on the quality of the products, not on the seller x

    Much love <3