Verbal analogies

I have a question re verbal analogies are they pure measures of verbal intelligence , or are they a mix of logic and verbal skills ? Also do people on the spectrum have problems with them?  I ask because I did a Queendom verbal test and scored 86 for analogies but 138 for vocabulary and 143 for verbal comprehension. I notice at verbal analogies are described as being at an abstract level and vocabulary at a concrete level. I certainly have a problem with abstract things. The nurse who does my antipsychotic depot described me as being a concrete thinker.

I found this

Verbal analogies also entail relational inference. For instance, in BOOK : PAGE :: CAR : ENGINE one must infer that a PAGE is a part of a BOOK just as an ENGINE is a part of a CAR. My more recent research has investigated how individual differences (in creativity, working memory, or autistic traits) impact performance in solving verbal analogies with pairs from similar domains (e.g., PLATINUM : NECKLACE :: GOLD : EARRING) or different domains (e.g., LEATHER : SADDLE :: GOLD : EARRING).