PIVATS scores for 9 year old son

Hi.  I just felt like I needed to post this as I feel really stressed and sad.

I am currently looking for a secondary special educational needs school for my son.  He is currently in Year 5 but we have to put his name down a year early.  Theres only really two schools in our local authority.  One is mainly for academic and social skills and the other is for those with extreme challenging violent behaviours and severe learning difficulties.  I dont feel my son fits into either of these.  His struggles are communication, moderate learning difficulties and social skills.  Sadly I dont think he is academic enough to go to one school yet his behaviours and learning difficulties arent as severe for the other school.

I requested his PIVATS scores from his current school and his scores are much lower than I thought they were.  I thought he was between 7 and 9 but his main scores are 4's and 5's.  He has one 3 for his independence skills and two 6's for maths.

I feel so stressed as I think the school for the challenging behaviours and severe learning difficulties is going to be suggested as the most appropriate school for him.  He doesnt really have extreme violent behaviours and Im so worried he will see things and start to copy as he will think this is normal behaviour if he sees this every day.  Im also so worried that he may get hurt, as my son would hurt himself and never hurts others so I think he would be extremely vulnerable.

I try hard to just see and accept him as he is but when I see things like his PIVAT scores and how low they are my depression and anxiety kicks in and I just cant focus on anything else as I worry so much about his future.

His PIVATS were 2's and 3's when he started the school when he was 4, yet 5 years later I feel he has made very little progress and that breaks my heart.