ASD strategies and support

Dear all, 
I am currently working with a pupil in Early Years who is 3 years old with a diagnosis of ASD and SPD. When this child started my school he had a phobia of clocks, which he still has to this day. However behaviour and tolerance has slowly started to decline this term. This child now shows crisis type behaviour with any sort of moving objects on a screen (Laptop, Ipad etc.), cannot tolerate lights, this being lights on a radio (the little standby lights), laser/sensory lights and wrist watches. This is quite a bizarre case I know, and would greatly appreciate some ideas of how to support this young boy? 
We are thinking it is a strong emotional memory reaction to a negative situations involving such objects above, however families lives are now becoming affected and accessing the community for them is becoming impossible. 
Thank you for your help. 
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  • Maybe it's the light from these devices that's upsetting for the child, as an adult I too find screen lights quite painful. If dimming the screen doesn't help, is it really necessary for such a young child to be taught via a screen at all? If using these screens is affecting his behaviour and learning surely the little extra work in providing paper copies would be worth it to all concerned? 

    I would agree with AngelDust to a certain extent but add that if he's associating these lights with the pain that they may be causing his eyes, and quite possibly resulting in headaches, it's quite a reasonable emotional reaction for him to want to avoid them as soon as he sees the light indicating that they're switched on - in anticipation of the painful light to follow. 

    Another experience I can relate to regarding electrical devices (laptops, i-pads, TV's etc.) is the constant buzzing that makes it impossible to concentrate for long periods of time and can also become quite painful. Any repetitive noise can have the same effect and, of course, ticking clocks are the worst culprit. It's worth mentioning that the rest of my family rarely, if ever, hear these (to me) loud buzzing noises.