Getting a diagnosis


I'm after some advice I am trying to get a diagnosis and wondered if anyone else had a similar experience with people trying to tell you that you that nothing is wrong etc? 

My child is 3 and a half and I have thought for a long time something wasn't quite adding up and I recently took the steps to seek some advice but feel like other people are trying to discourage me including my child's daycare who she spends 15 hours with a week and only for the past 5 months who do not seem to have any issues or concerns. 

Reasons I believe there is something consist of going back to when she was a baby she was always moving her arms and legs a lot, we had to make sure the room was dark and no noise, didn't sleep during day, was a late smiler and them was hard to make smile, wasn't very contented.

then started the crawling and she was into everything wanted to be on the go wasn't at all clingy when we went places wanted to explore everything. Could not sit still. Stared at light.

Some of these things don't occur now and also went through a stage of looking out side of her eyes and daydreaming and often stared what other children were doing. 

Speech came very early and is now very good but almost adult like. Potty training was very easy and again early. Walked early. 

Seems to obsess over one friendship, talks all the time, fidgets and doesn't sit still, extremely fussy eater and has to look OK to eat it, is overly into play and doesn't want to get dressed brush teeth etc as it stops this, obsessed with eating even tho fussy, trouble sleeping doesn't wanna go to sleep finds it hard to switch off, changes tasks a lot,  seems not content ever, not cuddly pushes you away but needs to hold hands with her friends or have melt down, melt down occur a lot,  doesn't really give me eye contact when trying to explain things, will cover ears sometimes, hard to comfort when upset, 

I just feel I know my child but feel people don't always see this. Any advice or people been through similar? 

Thank you 

  • Sounds like an accurate description of me at that age 100 percent my speech was perfect I walked early potty trained early you spund like my mum describing me at that age! I used to have the same traits well still do you don't change as you get older. You need to listen to your instincts and get your child assessed because if you don't and your daughter suffers problems later on in life and fails to get any help and support you will feel that burden. You are the mother you shouldn't listen to outside influences. My mother listened to my nursery teachers and school teachers and they said the same that I was just a quiet child in her own world. I am now 24 and only just been diagnosed as I was dismissed by the education system as a child. Go with your instincts talk to your doctor get the referal you have nothing to lose by getting your child assessed.