same old same old

so people with autism like me usually don't like too much change but has anyone else got to the breaking point were you can't take it anymore because i'm in high school right now and it's the same thing every year since elementary i just go to school and eventual have summer and then go back and i can't take it anymore... and it's not just school it's also happening to things like holidays and my birthday and i'm losing the joy i use to get from my birthday and Christmas and i want to get those feelings back. so does anyone else know how i'm feeling and can you offer some advice.

  • There's an old Buddhist saying, which I often take comfort from...

    "Change comes regardless."

    Thus, if you're in a good and enjoyable situation, remembering that it will pass - and that everything... and I mean EVERYTHING... is subject to the law of change - gives you more power to savour the moment and truly appreciate it. Likewise, if you're in the midst of a bad situation - something dire, unendurable or sapping - then remembering that change will come irrespective of what happens is empowering. It gives you hope. It gives you the endurance insomuch that you just have to wait. You don't even have to do anything, as the world is in constant change around you.

    You don't say what age you are. But my experience was that when I finished my (much detested) school, wow... my life changed big style, and in ways I just couldn't comprehend. I'm nothing like I was at school now, and life was so much better after school (I'm not one of these people that gets nostalgic about their school days at all). Some people will glibly advise you to make the most of your school days and youth. I'm not foolish enough to think it's always that easy.

    My best advice? Wait. Change comes regardless.

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