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  • In a spirit of randomness,

    There are famous historical figures (e.g. Isaac Newton)  who are now thought to have been autistic, but what about modern day celebrities? The only ones I could think of were Bill Gates, Chris Packham and Gary Numan. There must be many more.

  • m.ranker.com/.../celebrity-lists

    Satoshi Tajiri, Suzanne Boyle, Daryll Hanna, Dan Ackroyd, Travis Meeks, Heather Kuzmich, James Taylor, Gary Numan, James Durbin, Clay Marzo, Craig Nicholls, Pip Brown, Adam Young...

    (Einstein, Mozart, Newton.)...

    That is about the best I could find. Many, including Bill Gates, seem shy about it, if they are, and so there is a lot of speculation... and a lot of other names I do not know...

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