Would you get your autism cured?

I have seen some people with autism answer this question online, “if there was a cure for autism, would you take it?”. For me I would definitely take it, some people might say that my autism is a part of me and that I shouldn’t change such a big part of me. But personally it’s a part that I don’t want to have, it causes so many challenges and problems in my life. I have a lot of problems in School and with other people, this has caused me to be a bit depressed at times. A lot of the time I don’t know how to deal with my emotions and that makes it even worse. This is just the start of my reasoning, so I would without hesitation take a cure. I am just curious who else would take a cure, and why or why not.

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  • Speaking for myself as someone with Asperger's, no.

    I would, however, like to see improved (e.g. earlier) diagnoses (for children and adults) and better support for everyone diagnosed with autism (this includes more appropriate teaching methods for children). And, of course, I would like to see a greater general awareness and understanding of autism, along with a more suitable society (e.g. quieter) for people with autism.

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