Menstrating teens and adults

Hi community,

My adult daughter has embarked on another project. She is quite a feminist and has a strong passion for helping the less fortunate. Her latest project has been to design a reusable period knicker with detachable sides to help aid accessibility and make life a bit easier for those that need it, the knickers are also stylish and made of good quality lasting fabric.
This being her first proper project and her coming from a not so wealthy family means we are struggling to doesn't help any that we're both not very up there with modern day social networking to reach out either.

I do know the struggle of disabilities as I have two sons with a diagnose of Autism (my daughter doesn't have a diagnose...). Menstrating will not be a problem for them, (being boys) but for many less able girls and ladies it is and hopefully my daughter's new 'revolutionary invention' (as she likes to call it) may help.

I hope you don't mind me posting the link on here for anyone that is interested in supporting her project, which means for every pledge resulting in a sale a washable, reusable sanitary product is donate to Africa for the much less fortunate women over there too.

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Thanx for taking the time to read through. Any tips on how we can help boost views would be much appreciated.

Mum of five - Ron x

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