Relationship with an autistic girl

Hi all, 

Last year I became involved with a girl and as time went on we fell in love. During the relationship I noticed some behaviour that were signs of autism, relucunt I asked her was she autistic. She said that she had been tested by psychologists and all came back clear however we both realised that it could have been misdiagnosed as she struggles with social skills and dyslexica stubbornness and anger management issues, Regardless if she has Autism or not it will never change the fact I love her or how I feel about her. I did something stupid and lied about something major this caused issues and the relationship ended. Now since last week she has got back in touch after 3 months of not talk she has found someone so we just started chatting small talk. However when I bring up the issue of what I did and I’ve accepted full responsibility for my actions when I try to apologise it’s like she doesn’t acknowledge it and has a go as if I’m blaming her which I’m not. This girl is the first person I have close contact with who has Autism. I understand that what I did broke all trust but I’m just trying to find a way to make her see how truly sorry Iam and maybe she has issues understand emotions. I understand that if Im to build trust back up I need to do so bit by bit but I don’t want to cause unnecessary stress or problems for her.

Is there anyway that I could get could get her to realise how sorry Iam in order to try and resolve this because I can see she still has feelings and cares for me I just want her to even get angry or speak from the heart to get out how she feels now and about what I did 

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys,

many thanks for your help