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Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some advice. My daughter is 8 and has ASD, she’s very complex and non verbal. Over the past 12 months she has developed crippling anxiety/panic/OCD/self harm, no triggers and no reason for attacks.

She has been referred to CAHMS, at initial therapist appointment told she needed urgent Psychiatrist appointment (within 4 weeks), 3 months later (and her condition deteriorating) still not seen, I’ve been plaguing them will calls and they trying to fob me off with a therapist again. Her LD nurse is helping but they just told her ‘they would look into her case’

im so mad - my daughter needs help. Do you think there’s a benefit in seeing a private and well respected child psychiatrist I have sourced privately? I just don’t want to to be a detriment for her to be stepping on CAHMS toes so to speak?

Any help appreciated x

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