possible PDA

Hi everyone

I have just joined today after a recommendation of your site.

We are a family of 7 - 3 children having ASN

1 confirmed ADHD as well as other issues

1 away to start the process at CAMHS

1 diagnosed with ODD at age 6.

We are now thinking the child with ODD has either been misdiagnosed or along with ODD may have PDA

I dont know much about PDA but over last few days have looked into it more & it is apparent she is showing numerous signs.

The dilema we have is that CAMHS in our area WILL NOT rcognise & diagonse this which makes it very difficult for us to get the right help & support 

Just wondered if anyone has hit a barrier like this & what they have done to overcome it.

I must admit i dont like labels but it does help when looking for help & support

Many thanks for reading xx