how common is Disney character in an autistic special interest

I'm an autistic person who really loves disney characters. Disneyland with costumed characters are my world and the happiest place ever. I heard a few autistic people of any age who really loves Disney and when they are in Disneyland, they really enjoy playing with the characters. So I wonder is it very common that special need people of any age loves Disney characters. 

  • The huge plus for autistic people in Disney is the simplicity and predictability - nothing ever goes wrong.   You can rely on the system and if there ever is a problem, the cast members will sort things out to your delight - being just satisfied is not enough.  

    There's also the general feeling of the parks - sort of a low-level excitement mixed with calmness - and the park layout and theming make it very comfortable.

  • Hey :) 

    Some autistic people have a particularly strong interest in some areas - for you, this may be Disney, and I'm sure there are others as well! But people of any age and ability love Disney anyways :) 

    Much love <3