Hello everyone

Hello everyone - blimey that's scarier than I thought!

Very briefly after watching the Chris Packham documentary the realisation that I am on the spectrum came crashing down on me like a brick wall. My wife who used to be a special needs teacher always use to joke that I was on the spectrum completely non-judgmentally and I thought it was just a way of describing my 'funny little ways'. 

Now I realise I am definitely on the spectrum although I haven't had a formal diagnosis yet I am on the way having seen my GP and got him to refer me for a diagnosis.

Having drunk myself stupid for many years it was east to avoid but having been sober for 17 years my difficulty in coping with  'normal' life now needs addressing at the age of 52.

So if I have one request it would be where would be the best place to find strategies for coping. What I'm finding at the moment is knowing I'm not neurotypical is fine but what do I do next. I've spent most of my adult life either thinking everyone else is stupid or beating myself up and would like to find a happy medium.



  • Hi Tim.

    I was recently diagnosed at the age of 61. I’ve coped by finding as much about autism as I can, (there’s a lot to learn). This way I don’t beat myself up when I’m struggling to express myself  or I’m not coping very well, I blame autism not me.  I see you have a sense of humour - that definitely helps.

    More professional advice can be found here.


  • I second everything Graham says! 

    A lot of the coping strategies (well, the ones in the last 17 years anyway) have already been working for you, I guess the hard part now is picking out the best of those and deciding to dump the ones that don't fit so well in light of your new take on things as you learn more about ASD. That's sort of how I'm seeing it anyway. You find them inside yourself (sorry, that sounds very new-age-y!) because they're already there and you find others on here I think - at least these are the places I've found mine.