New member ,Nan with granddaughter with Possible Autism

Hi there , my 18 month old granddaughter Mollie  is seeing a Doctor for possible ASD . She has shown signs since she was a little baby . No eye contact , no signs of wanting to play, twirling her feet and flapping her hands. She pays no attention to other children and rarely sleeps more than 3 hours in one stretch . My daughter , her partner , Mollie and their 3 month old baby are living with us at the moment while waiting for their house to be ready so a lot of Mollies day to day problems affect me too. She has formed a bond with me and will scream if her mum or dad try to remove her from me which is going to be hard when they move out .

Mollie  has started to chew some strange things. She will chew the corner of my table . She actually crawls over to it and firmly clenches her teeth round the corner and chews . She will pick strands of hair up and eat them, fluff from the carpet etc. She won’t eat food apart from baby rice pudding and yoghurt . Is this something that other people have experienced . She will make a bee line for me if I’m wearing a knitted jumper and bite it and chew chunks  out of it. She gets really upset when I stop her. 

Mollie has no verbal skills . She grunts a lot and growls while laughing maniacally . 

The paediatricain is sending her for an MRI and chromosome test. She said it’s to rule out anything else . Does anyone know what that could be . Mollies soft spot still hasn’t fused either . 

We are an exhausted family at the moment as we know very little about ASD . Mollie has meltdowns when faced with new situations , we don’t know quite how to handle them . 

Thank you in advance for any info