anyone else's child denying/rejecting they have Aspergers?

Our son (12) has indicated he doesn't agree with his diagnosis from 2 years ago, ( I worry he is ashamed of it, and fervently wishes not to be different) so we have followed his lead and dealt with any issues around school/anxieties as they come up without mentioning it.

 I wonder if this is a common situation?

He receives and accesses (excellent) additional support at school (secondary) but I feel he doesn't accept his overall situation of having Aspergers. I'd love him to embrace it a bit more because I think he would embrace himself as a person a bit more if he did. It also would mean I could widen the support and understanding he would be able to access (like this website) which would maybe help him find pathways that could help him.

I also worry our explanation of his diagnosis wasn't as good as it could have been but now wonder if we need to talk to him about it again.

Should we *force* a discussion on him (i.e. us taking the lead) or keep allowing him to lead us (although this seems to us to limit his opportunities to develop more positively)?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Many thanks for any response.

    1. I have and still am experiencing that. I am almost sixteen and I have been in a state of not accepting and not admitting to having Aspergers. I think people acting that way could be because they do not want to accept it or believe it, but also because they could be scared by it, it’s like you’re not yourself anymore and you don’t know how to deal with it.
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